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Life's complexity often stems from our own actions. Recognizing that serving others leads to personal growth is a pivotal step towards mastery. For realtors, wholesalers, or investors still stuck in menial tasks like:

  • Cold calling

  • Cold texting

  • Door knocking

  • Cold mailers

  • Cold emails

It's time for a change!

You're not just an employee; you're a business owner. Unfortunately, traditional education or YouTube didn't teach you that. The more attempts you make, the closer you get to success. We're here to ensure you have plenty of opportunities.

We handle it all: lists, data verification, calls, texts, emails, scheduling.

Completely Done for You!

The Loaded Lead Generation System

How about a system that helps you make $5000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, heck even $100,000 in pay checks immediately? How about a program that helps you expand your skillset and introduces you to innovative strategies that no one knows? Well look no further, because the Loaded Lead Generation System & Mentorship Program is the perfect solution for you.

In the complex world of real estate, success requires more than just skills—it demands a constant flow of motivated leads, unwavering support, and a proven system to ensure you're consistently closing deals. Whether you're a seasoned realtor or just starting, you’d need help and that’s why I am here.

So if you’re struggling with‎ ‎👉

This program is for you!

  • Lack of quality leads

  • Difficulty catching up in a saturated market

  • Constantly losing deals to other agents

  • Finding it hard to keep up with market trends and changes

  • Overworked with paperwork and admin stuff

  • Hustling hard but still struggling to pay the bills

Real estate agents who use Virtual Assistants earn an average of 30% more money than those who don't

- National Association of Realtors

Meet Carlos - Your Real Estate Coach

Your dedicated real estate expert committed to innovation and excellence. With over 20 years of business experience, Carlos transitioned to real estate in 2021, quickly earning an ICON award every year since. He and his team have successfully sold over 300 homes across Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

  • Successful Business Owner for Over 20 Years Reputation and integrity are his fundamental values.

  • Real Estate Investor Since October 2019: Achieved 9 Contracts in the first month.

  • 2X ICON Agent: Over $650,000 in Gross Commissions in the first 8 months.

  • 200+ Transactions: A proven track record of success.

  • Over $2 million in GCI in the last 24 months.

Learn more about Carlos

What His Clients Say about him

Homes and Rentals (HAR) Profile

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Yahoo Finance - Cracking the Real Estate Code with the Loaded Agent Method

NY Weekly - Renowned Realtor Carlos Antoine Puckerin Revolutionizes the Real Estate Industry with the Loaded Agent Program

Real Estate Today - Success Leaves Clues: Carlos Puckerin’s Ethical Approach Transforms the Real Estate Landscape

The Loaded Way

Hot Leads on Demand

CRM Mastery: We don't just pull data – we orchestrate a symphony of potential every day! Your customized CRM is finely tuned to pull, verify, and dial new data, ensuring a steady stream of hot leads.

Find your Motivated Sellers: From pre foreclosure to tax sales, we pinpoint motivated sellers in every spectrum, presenting you with opportunities that align with your goals.

Take it up a Notch: Not just that! We’ll put your face out there. From email campaigns to SMS blasts, PPC & Google ads, and ready-to-send mailers, we craft the perfect strategy to propel your success.

Your Very Own Call Center

Have our VAs do the Dialing: Our highly trained English and Spanish-speaking dialers are the virtuosos of engagement. They're not just making calls; they're creating connections.

With over 100 hours of training, our team is finely tuned to ensure perfection. Weekly quality control and call auditing ensure a pitch-perfect performance every time.

Shared CRM Access: Ensuring transparency and collaboration at every stage of your real estate journey.

Mentorship & Support Magic

Join Carlos every Monday morning for Live Mastermind Calls and for daily CRM training sessions. It's not just mentorship; it's a movement toward mastery.

Access powerful tools, including the novation calculator and contract templates. Your success toolkit is packed, and we guide you on how to play each instrument to perfection.

LAMP Course: 21 Interactive Course Modules. Learn from Carlos himself various parameters and strategies.

Power Team Access

Learn from an experienced investor title company and specialists. Take advantage of their stories, their failures, and their achievements.

Get Discounted Access to Business Credit Building Program, Private Disposition Network and much more.

Gain Access to The Private Loaded High Level Mentorship Group.

What You Get From Him

Exclusive #1

With commissions way

higher than 3%

Inside this video program, get access to video lessons, tools & templates showing you how to become a “Loaded Agent”. Get my exact systems for closing deals at a higher success rate, with commissions way higher than 3%.

Exclusive #2

Loaded VAs

Get my pre-trained Loaded VAs (armed with custom-built scripts) to perform 1,000+ personalized outbound calls per day. These VAs have been vetted & trained by our team, and have all the tricks to get your calendar booked with qualified seller leads.

Exclusive #3

Elite Mastermind Network Integration

Not enough leads to dial? Give me your ZIP Code and I will get a list of 10,000 exclusive seller leads to plug into your CRM so your VAs can be dialing and getting you booked 12+ hours a day.

Usually $1,000+

Exclusive #4

Automated CRM

Stop doing manual follow up. We’ll build you a custom CRM for your VAs to manage and report in. This CRM will come with follow-up automations and reminders to make sure that no leads are falling through the cracks.

Exclusive #5

Loaded Mastermind Network

Get exclusive access to a Network of leading Realtors, Investors, Private Lenders, Marketers & more to go to for advice or securing deals. My network is now your network.

Exclusive #6

Loaded Listing Presentations

The exact Listing Presentation that generated me $2M in GCI in the last 24 months - ina fill-in-the-blank template you can use to close a higher % of your leads, consistently.

Exclusive #7

Live Calls

Exclusive Live Calls with myself & other experts in the space, giving you the cutting-edge tactics of what’s working right now with real-time advice for your specific business problems.

Exclusive #8


Book a call below to get access to our Facebook Ad Templates, Deal Structure Templates & Sheets & More...

My Loaded VAs Generate Me New Sellers Every Month $2M GCI in 24 Months Verified on my Hum profile.

$2M GCI in 24 Months

Verified on my Hum profile

ICON Winner

Winning ICON awards every year I've been in business.

My Team is Making 1 Million GCI

My team has sold over 300 homes all across the Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas area.

I’ve Given This Loaded-Agent System to A Handful of Realtors

Who Are Now Winning in This Market...

Jerry and Emily got Their First Listing

in 4 Weeks!

"Early twenties, never had a listing in two years.

Came into the loaded agent program & within 4

weeks, they had 4 listing appointments, 2 signed

listings, 1 on the market, closed one in less than

30 days, the other in less than 60."

Benahz Landed Her First Listing & Sold

in 4 Days!

"Benhaz came to us from another real estate

group, never had a listing in her life. Within four

weeks, had a listing on the market and sold that

sucker in three or four days. She was under

contract $55,000 above asking."

Your Real Estate Symphony Starts Here!

Let us conduct the complex, so you can focus on closing deals.

Your successful journey is not a solo act – it's a symphony, and we've composed it for you.

Voices of Satisfaction

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Ready to

Get Loaded?

  • Loaded Agent Accelerator Course

  • Pre-Trained Loaded VAs

  • 10,000 Exclusive Leads

  • Done-for-you CRMs & Automations

  • Loaded Mastermind Network

  • Loaded Listing Presentations

  • Live Calls

  • Social Media Templates

  • Sales Training & Roleplay


Get The Exact Team, Tools & Systems My Team is Using to Close 1-3 Homes Per Month

With commissions way higher than 3%...

How it works

Provide Your LLC Information, Business Website and Business Email

Next, We’ll Create Your CRM and Start Gathering Your Leads

Get Onboard with our Experts to Start the Launch!

The most successful people in real estate make fast decisions and take risks. Would you agree?

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Loaded Agent Mentorship Program

Our Pricing

Wherever you are in your investing journey, there is a plan for you…

1 Month Loaded
Lift Off Package


one time

  • 30 days of Dial Service

  • System access for the duration of month

  • Full access to dials, data,

    data verification, text,

    emails, and leads delivered

    to your system, fully vetted!

  • Group Coaching
    for 4 weeks

3 Month
Momentum Package


one time

  • 90 days of Dial Service

  • System access for the duration of 3 months

  • Full access to dials, data,
    data verification, text,
    emails, and leads delivered
    to your system, fully vetted!

  • Group Coaching
    for 8 weeks

6 Months
Success Package


one time

  • 180 days of Dial Service

  • System access for the duration of 6 months

  • Full access to dials, data,

    data verification, text,

    emails, and leads delivered

    to your system, fully vetted!

  • Personalized Coaching
    for 12 weeks

12 Month Millionaire Mastery Package


one time

  • 365 days of Dial Service

  • System access for the duration of 12 months

  • Full access to dials, data,

    data verification, text,

    emails, and leads delivered

    to your system, fully vetted!

  • Personalized Coaching
    for 16 weeks

$2,797 in Savings!

  • Cost: $3,497 one-time payment

  • $2997/ month only if you wish to continue with a 90 day commitment

  • Includes Appointment Setter for First Month! ($1297) Value!

  • CRM system Access ($197/ Month)

  • Also Includes:

  • Full Access to dials, data, data verification, text, emails and leads delivered
    to your system, fully vetted

  • Access to Weekly Group Masterminds

3 Spots Available in May 2024

To get our Loaded Mentorship Program to the level they are - it takes a lot of training. Which means we are limited in the number of experts we can give out.

So, we only open a handful of spots into the Loaded Agent Program every quarter. Book Your Demo call today to avoid missing out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for agents in any state?

Absolutely! Our system is tailored to cater to the nuances of real estate markets nationwide.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Many agents begin to see results within the first month. However, like all systems, consistent use yields the best outcomes.

Will this help even in saturated markets?

Yes, our strategies are designed to help you stand out, even in the most competitive markets.

I'm not tech-savvy; will I struggle?

Not at all! We've designed it keeping agents like you in mind. It's user-friendly, and we offer full support.

What about handling administrative tasks?

Our tools significantly streamline paperwork, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling.

Can I really build a personal brand with this?

Absolutely! Our strategies will elevate your brand and make you a memorable name in your locale.

Do I need to hire extra help to implement this?

No, our system is designed for individual agents. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

Is there ongoing support?

Yes! We're committed to your success and offer ongoing support as you implement and use the system.

Do you have a refund or cancellation policy?


There are no refunds or returns on any digital products/ mentorship or combined services. The initial payment for the LAMP program and services is non-refundable. You may cancel your membership at any time with 15 days written notice to

The figures stated on this website are my personal figures, and in some cases, my team figures or the sales figures of previous or existing clients. Please understand these results are not typical. We're not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys "how to" information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on your implementation of the information, systems, resources and tools LAMP provides you and your ability to convert clients. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not purchase any lead generation or mentorship.


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